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TSA Combination Travel Luggage Lock, Gym Locker Best Security 3-Digit Cable Lock


TSA Combination Travel Luggage Lock, Gym Locker Best Security 3-Digit Cable Lock

$12.95 $7.95

  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS; the ProudGuy PG-TSAL2 Travel Lock has been made of durable zinc alloy that can successfully resist wear and tear, featuring a flexible stainless steel wire that can withstand luggage handlers’ abuse, hence ensuring that your luggage is fully protected.
  • 3-DIAL COMBINATION LOCK; this luggage lock has an efficient 3-dial combination lock that allows you to quickly set up a passcode that nobody but you will know. You’ll never have to worry about losing the key to your luggage, and you can be at peace knowing that the lock isn’t accessible to anyone else.
  • TSA-APPROVED WITH LOCK ALERT; much to your delight, this ProudGuy combination lock is TSA-approved. It features clever LOCK ALERT technology which notifies you when airport screeners open your suitcase for inspection and allows them to relock the baggage without causing damage to your bags and their contents.
  • PERFECT GYM LOCK; but this TSA lock hasn’t been designed for luggage only. You can use it for securing your gym bag, tool box, and any other bag that you want to protect against potential thieves and opportunist scoundrels as well.
  • BLACK AND SILVER; concerned about how your luggage will look with the lock on? You can buy it in either black or silver, so choose the color option that you like most! Our after sales customer service is unparalleled! Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee. CLICK the Orange button to order it now and enjoy a Lightning fast delivery (up to 24H if customer has Prime).


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Planning on traveling to another country and want to securely lock your luggage?

Need a suitcase lock that uses dials instead of keys to enhance security?

Look no further – the ProudGuy TSA Luggage Locks are the only locks that you’ll ever need.

Featuring a sturdy zinc alloy body and flexible stainless steel wire measuring 2mm thick, the lock is extremely durable and can withstand wear, tear, as well as luggage handlers’ abuse, thus ensuring that your belongings will always be fully protected.

This padlock is TSA approved – not only does it adhere to airline standards, but it also allows airport screeners to quickly inspect and re-lock your luggage during custom checks.

With this combination lock, you can set up your own 3-dial passcode. This is an invaluable security feature that will keep thieves’ hands away from your belongings, and also prevent opportunist scoundrels from taking advantage of your luggage.

But that’s not all. This lock works wonders for your gym bag, locker, tool box and any other bag that needs to be secured. What’s more, it comes in black and silver, so you can choose specifically the color that best suits your needs and preferences.

Don’t spend time with cheapish products!

Click the “Add to Cart” button to order the ProudGuy PG-TSAL2 Luggage Lock now!

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